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Are you Blokely, an entrepreneur or an ambitious wordsmith. Read on, you could have your very own region to run.

By James York, 19 March 2013


The Big Idea:

Becoming a bona fide stakeholder in a lifestyle magazine just got a whole lot more attainable.

Content publishing is a very competitive sector, and we’re an independent men’s interest blogazine. I have exciting plans for the site (look out for Blokely Society in April), so i'm focusing on London. But it struck me that I might be wasting a huge opportunity for collaborative growth.

Blokely HQ remains London-centric, and we've seen hundreds of thousands of visitors to the site these last couple of years. But I know we could do much more. Lifestyles are different this land over. A honeycomb is the strongest structure in the physical world - so couldn't it work for the digital world as well?

Our content should be made by local creators - tailoring their product using local knowledge. Together - along with the content we'll make in London, the capital - we'd have ourselves a truly unique and worthy product.

I also want the brand to have genuine stakeholders with passion, the luxury of support and a vested interest in both the national and local pictures. That's a business of your own, shielded from most of the setup costs and initial hard lessons i've had to learn.

That’s why i'm dividing up the UK and Home nations into regional zones - beginning with England.

Eight English regions are to have a "Bureau" licence. These are based on the old English Government regions: East, North East, North West, East Midlands, West Midlands, Yorkshire & Humber, South West and South East. Each region has a sizeable population of target male readers.

What's in it for you?

  • A regional microsite to edit under terms of licence
  • An off the shelf businesss
  • A share of Blokely Media Ltd. when you renew your licence

Yes. Your very own off the shelf business, that's what. We'll give you the tools to make money, you make the product and use your initiative to make even more cash. We aren't promising instant success or an easy ride - since when was life that nice? But we are going to be in it together and you'll have more than just a commission to show for it.

Besides the lifestyle benefits of being a local voice and critic, we're also offering you the chance to start earning from several revenue streams:

  • 100% of your locally sourced commercial placements. That includes advertorial, display, takeovers, paid links, affiliate income and deals (with Business Development support for a % fee of income.)
  • A proportioned share of 20% of all display and advertorial revenues
  • Renewed licences to earn a % share of Blokely Media Ltd.
  • Syndication of your best content from HQ onwards
  • A fee per "member" that signs up to join Blokely's metered paywall.

And you won't be alone. You'll have seven other Bureaus to collaborate with, and overall support centrally from yours truly in London. We'll also share social media and other tools to make business all that more easier and collaborative.

We’ve built some fantastic tools, the technical side of our product is quite superb. As for our brand, it's known to content stakeholders and has a strong search pagerank. Plus we have the opportunity to cement Blokely as the No.1 trusted digital destination for men to know how, when and where to spend their time, money and brainpower.

Each regional zone has a licence available for an entrepreneurial editor to seize and make their own. Our information pack (fill in the initial form below to request one) should tell you [mostly] everything you need to know, including how you can formally apply, how we’ll help you make a business out of the license and how much we’ll share the wider benefits of participation with you.

I'm ready to work closely with more budding “editorpreneurs” and I can't wait to hear from you.




Zero costs - let's be transparent.

We're offering you tools and support, a lot of bang for your buck. The fees outlined are the sole costs, non-negotiable and are as follows:

Set up and annual fee: £0


Monthly License Royalty free for 6 months, subject to review, then between £62.50 - £93.00 depending on the region.

The license comprises of:

  • Content Management Licence - Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Web Hosting
  • Rackspace email address licence
  • Brand Licence
  • Weighted Target Market loading (proportionate to the size of the region.)

Still interested? Apply below.


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