Ethan Hawke rules out Boyhood sequel

Ethan Hawke has ruled out there being a sequel to 'Boyhood'.

The 44-year-old actor has dashed hopes surrounding the rumour that director Richard Linklater may make a second movie and insists he has not been part of any alleged discussions.

The director admitted back in February to a Sundance audience that ''the 20s are pretty formative'', sparking speculation a follow-up film could potentially be in the pipeline.

Ethan, however, told ''I feel that 'Boyhood' was so unique and the reason why it works is because it actually does have a beginning, middle and end.

''All of us Americans understand the grid of 1st through 12th grade. And it's the one time in our life when we're all on the same grid, and then high school ends and we're shotgun blast into our lives.''

Ethan played father, Mason Sr. in the 2014 film which focuses on how his son Mason Jr. grows up in Texas with divorced parents between the ages of six to 18.

Filming on the unique movie began in 2002 and was only completed 11 years later in 2013.

'Good Kill' star Ethan added: ''I think Rick is open to anything, so he's kind of misleading you to say that. He'd think about doing anything.''