Jaden Smith cast as Static?

Jaden Smith has apparently been cast as teen superhero Static in an upcoming Warner Bros. film.

According to 'The Walking Dead' star Tyler James Williams, the 16-year-old actor is to follow in his father Will Smith's footsteps and will become one of the very few ''black comic book superheroes'' in new project based on the DC Comics character.

Speaking at MCM Comic Con in London, Tyler is reported as saying: ''There aren't that many young black comic book superheroes. It's great to see Static Shock is happening with Jaden.''

If true, Jaden will bring to life on the big screen the character Virgil Ovid Hawkins, a African/American teenager whose exposure to an experimental agent gives him the power to control electricity.

The character previously featured in an American animated series, entitled 'Static Shock'.

No confirmation is yet to come from Warner Bros. or DC Comics about the movie potentially starring Jaden.

At the convention Tyler, 22, also revealed he'd be very interested in portraying Miles Morales - the black/Hispanic character who takes over as Spider-Man after the death of Peter Parker - if a film was ever made about the Marvel superhero.

He said: ''I kind of follow the Miles Morales character quite a bit. And I'm open to the idea. I'm not starting campaigns or anything for it because I trust Marvel. I've read for them before. So I trust what their decisions will be. But yeah, I'd love to do it. I would absolutely love to do it.''

Meanwhile, Jaden's dad Will will next be seen playing anti-hero Deadshot in the 'Suicide Squad' film.

The 46-year-old Hollywood superstar is joined in the comic book blockbuster by Jared Leto as The Joker, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Cara Delevingne as Enchantress among others.