Simon Pegg is perfect for rom coms

Simon Pegg insists he's a natural in romantic comedies.

The actor-and-screenwriter plays the leading man in quirky date movie 'Man Up' and is adamant he can pull off those types of roles even though he doesn't look like ''Ryan Reynolds''.

The 45-year-old star - who appears in the movie opposite Lake Bell -said: ''Just because I'm not Ryan Reynolds doesn't mean I can't be in a rom com.

''I love romantic comedies. I've always been a fan of Woody Allen and the late-70s period, 'Annie Hall', 'Manhattan' those films are gorgeously romantic and full of love. Woody Allen isn't a traditional leading man and yet he's been in the best romantic comedies ever written.''

Pegg is best known for his comedic roles in cult favourites 'Shaun of the Dead', 'Hot Fuzz' and 'The World's End' and his love sci-fi, playing Scotty in the two 'Star Trek' films.

The actor - who is married to Maureen McCann - admits he does sometimes get irked when he is constantly classified as a nerdy actor but he's learnt to live with being stereotyped.

In an interview with ShortList magazine, he said: ''I hate being reduced to anything. Sometimes you feel like, 'That's an important part of who I am, but it's not who I am.' I probably am a nerd, but I'm also a father, my dog's ill. There are lots of things in my life.

''People define you in whatever convenient way they can when you're in the public eye. I don't just sit around playing video games and playing with toys. At times you feel indignant, and other times you wise up and realise that's just the way it is.''