Fastest e-foldable bike yet

Gi FlyBike launches on Kickstarter

By Adam Hartley, 05 October 2015

Gi FlyBIke

Imagine having a stylish and easy-to-fold electronic bike, that got you to work with the bare minimum of fuss (and not too much effort)?

Well, that’s exactly what the inventors of the new Gi FlyBike are claiming to have designed, promising to make your morning with

The new electric Gi FlyBike, which folds in half in under a second according to the makers, could well be the ultimate city bike, a fast-folding e-bike that is almost 100% focused on getting urbanites from A to B quickly and easily.

Gi FlyBike is the way to upgrade your commute for 2016. Launching in the New Year, and available now for pre-order, it is the world’s first smart, electric folding bike. Fold it in one second flat; lock it or loan it with your phone, which you can also charge as you pedal. Arrive in style, sweat-free and stress-free to meetings and after work dos (no more cramped tubes, no more dreaded be-suited uphill pedalling).

Beautiful, practical, futuristic

The Gi FlyBike is as beautiful as it is practical, with a sleek, futuristic design. Thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminium used to craft the shell it is super-light and carry anywhere. The perfect accessory for tech-savvy, fashion-forward commuters in 2016.

The Gi FlyBike also has non-puncturable tires and a belt drive, as opposed to a traditional (messy) chain.

A smartphone app works as the command centre for the whole thing, which is built around a 250-watt motor with a top speed of 15 miles per hour and a charge-radius of 40 miles, which is more than enough for most daily city-commutes we imagine.

The FlyBike launched this week on Kickstarter- get involved!


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