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Lads' Days out

Arrows, races or tunes?

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For us men, one of the highlights of our year is always a good lads’ day out. It gives us and our loved ones that much needed break, a time to unwind and relax, or, if you’re with your mates, a time to go out and relive your younger days. Below are some of the best lads’ day out options available at the moment.

The Darts

Britain is currently hooked on darts. Audience figures keep reaching new highs and darts organisation the PDC are now having to put on more and more live darts events as they cope with the ever increasing demand. The darts is a perfect place for you and your mates to go; with long tables and a strong drinking culture, the darts has a really friendly vibe. What’s more is the fact that the electric atmosphere when players are competing is astounding; it’s quite chilling when you hear the Michael van Gerwen chants reverberating around the arena. For a night out with your mates look no further than the darts. It seems harder not to have fun than it is to enjoy yourself. With four hours of drinking, swaying, chanting, singing and cheering you’ll be hooked from start to finish. In fairness due to the brilliant atmosphere, the darts, at times, can actually be put on the backburner.

The Races

While darts offers the perfect night-time excursion, there is nothing better to do in the day than go to the races. You feel good as you’re dressed up to the nines, you feel even better because you have a cold pint in your hand, and then you feel elated because you’ve picked a winner. There is no other event that puts you through the emotions as much as horse racing. What’s more, due to the openness of the racecourse you are not restricted by seats, meaning as many as 40 of you could go and you’ll all still be able to talk to one another. Cheltenham Festival is the perfect event to visit. It is home to the famous Cheltenham Roar and if online sports betting operator Titan Bet’s favourite Hurricane Fly wins the Champion Hurdle expect the place to erupt. Everyone at Cheltenham is looking for a good time; it also runs over St Patrick’s Day so there are hordes of Irish in great spirits. Everyone at the races is there to let their hair down, there is never any ill feeling and it’s just one great knees-up. Just make sure you book the next day off!

Live Music

Whether it is a festival, beer garden or a park, watching live music is a great day out. Now it’s common knowledge that everyone loves a good ol’ sing-along when they are the right side of tipsy, whether that be the Arctic Monkeys or Journey. It’s the perfect bonding opportunity and the laid back atmosphere makes it a brilliant place to meet new people.


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